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Good Wednesday Morning by WoodLily Good Wednesday Morning by WoodLily
This is Lily Cinderella De la Luz by the age of 10. Generally Lily is loyal, patriotic, courageous, adventurous, energetic, pioneering, and enthusiastic. She likes to explore, discover new things and is generally fearless. Lily is very good at gymnastics, swimming, and has excellent leadership skills. At other times Lily can be boastful, vain, intolerant, selfish, a daredevil, impulsive, and quick-tempered. She has zero tolerance for control freaks, free loaders, and strangers who physically hurt her. Lily is not very good with chemistry, geology, and history but he is slowly getting better with them. Lily loves her family, and her pets. She love she when the dogs lick her teeth.

D.O.B.: June 25, 2004
T.O.B.: 5: 10 p.m.
I.Q.: 279
Powers:Flight, poison generation, cold manipulation, heat manipulation, healing, healing factor and water.
Power Color: Red
Known Family: Sherie Quiet, Terran Of The Light, and 35 other siblings.
Old School: Deanna Davenport Elementary School
Current School: Carriage Hills Elementary School
Place of Birth: 

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