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Green-Eyed Boy by WoodLily Green-Eyed Boy by WoodLily
This is Oak Granite Holycross by the age of 10. Generally he is ethical, humorous, generous, dynamic, intellectual, freedom-loving, and jovial. Oak is very good at keeping secrets, math, biology, and science. He loves to explore and he is quite good at that too. He can also be impulsive, superstitious, foolish, proud, restless, tactless, and careless. He isn't very good when it comes to history, geography, and is unable to work under too much pressure. He has no tolerance for people who take out their frustrations on him and if you invade his personal space as a means to punish him or make him do work he will release a lot of light and burn you in the process. It looks like he is spontaneous combusting when he does this but he really isn't. 
 He cares a lot for his family and pets. He is proud of his name sake and likes to see frogs. Like all Kurssians he is very flexible and can project light. Not all Kurssians can project light and fly at birth and some start doing so as late as age 30. Oak Holycross was able to fly and make light at the age of 2 in December of 2006.  

D.O.B.: September 27, 2004
I.Q.: 277
T.O.B.: 11: 00 P..M.
Powers: Flight, telepathy, super flexibility, bionic hearing, heat manipulation, invisibility, and light.
Power Color: Light blue
Known Family: Sherie Quiet, Valor, and 35 other siblings.
Old School: Vista Hills Elementary School
Current School: Crosby Park Elementary School
Place of Birth:

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